The main element that constitutes the heart of the mattress is the 3 main types of suspension. To choose the right mattress, the first point to ask for advice is the suspension. Historically the types of suspension are multiple, ranging from wool to latex. Here we will focus more on the three main types of suspension, springs, foam and latex. The wool is not very used because of its short life.

Tempurpedic foam mattress

If you see the tempurpedic reviews, here you can again see big changes on foam suspensions, originally completely chemical foam mattresses are now more natural, they no longer use CFC type materials that are very harmful to the environment. Professionals go green. These are closed-cell foam mattresses and they are used for entry-level mattresses in general or for secondary mattresses. This type of mattress is sufficient for a second home or for a non-intensive use. These are open-cell foam mattresses and they have a higher density than the previous ones and will be firmer with better durability. The main disadvantage of this type of mattress is the sensitivity to moisture. This type of suspension is firmer but is not recommended in places with high humidity.

Tempurpedic Memory foam

It is the highest quality foam. At the base created for space travel this foam is the latest innovation of foams. It provides excellent support for people with back problems. The biggest problem with memory foam mattresses is that they are sensitive to heat. If the room is not heated the mattress will be hard as concrete and on the contrary if you are hot at night and you sweat a lot, you will be wrapped and heat will be maintained in the memory foam. The memory foam is nice but be careful if you are hot at night or if you sweat.

Latex mattresses

Latex is a material derived from rubber while it can be natural or synthetic. In general, the two are mixed to obtain a stable and perennial formula, the right proportion is 15% of natural latex in a mattress, so do not hesitate to ask for this figure when looking to buy a latex mattress.

Spring mattresses

Spring mattresses are made of drawn and thermally treated steel wires. The main quality of a mattress is its ventilation. The ventilation of a mattress is very important for people who are hot at night or who tend to sweat while sleeping. There are three main types of spring mattresses that are commonly encountered.

Tempurpedic mattress history in mankind

In the 1970s, NASA’s Ames Research Center funded a development project aimed at creating a substance that could help relieve astronauts from the incredible g-forces experienced during take-off. They believe that one of the key secrets to reducing g-forces on the body is to use a foam material that could conform to each person’s shape and hold that compliance. While a body shape foam mold from each astronaut could accomplish this, any movement would be a person coming out of that position and creating incorrect pressure points against the body.

Instead, they created a new viscoelastic foam material and therefore able to conform to the shape of the person, but then return to a normal shape once the pressure has been removed from the foam. This could allow even weight distribution of pressure or body over the entire foam surface, without quickly adapting to all body movements.