Sleeping is the foundation of our health. The choice of a mattress suited to your needs is therefore essential for a healthy and regenerating rest. The material that makes up the mattress is the first aspect to be evaluated. Natural materials, free from harmful, ecological chemicals, guarantee the best performance and benefits for a healthy rest.

Here are the characteristics of the best mattresses for side sleepers with natural, organic and high quality materials, to be able to choose according to your personal needs.

Latex mattress

Latex is a sticky substance found in different plant species, the highest quality is extracted from the rubber plant. The latex has a huge elasticity, has the ability to resume the original shape, which is why it is widely used to produce mattresses. The latex sheets can be 100% natural, mixed (with natural and synthetic latex) or totally synthetic. The natural latex maintains more elasticity, lightness, strength and has greater transpiration. The great elasticity of the latex mattress allows not to stress the body and not to put pressure on the vertebral column.

The softer mattresses are recommended

For those sleeping on the side, so that the shoulder can “sink” slightly into the mattress and balance the difference in height between the shoulder and the head for people with a slimmer body.

Why Good with side sleeping

It adapts to the shape of the body, returning to its original shape when the person moves or gets out of bed. The greater transpiration is obtained thanks to the cells inside which allow an optimal recirculation of the air.

The latex mattress is recommended for those who move a lot during the night because the latex supports the movements of the body, taking its shape and returning to its original state as soon as you move. In this way, sleep will be more comfortable and relaxing.


The futon is a special mattress that comes from Japanese culture, now widely used in the West. A real way of taking care of one’s well-being was originally linked to meditation. The futon is a totally natural and ecological mattress because it is made with organic cotton, without synthetic and chemical substances. It is a comfortable support, more rigid than other mattresses.

Wool mattress

In particular, our wool flakes mattress is made entirely from organic natural fibers. The wool fiber mattress has always been known as a soft, cozy and able to absorb the moisture that the body releases during the night.